Cellgate 450 Wireless Access Control - Barrington Home

Cellgate 450 Wireless Access Control – Barrington Home

An ECI client was preparing to move to a new Barrington, IL residence last year. We returned earlier this year to complete the project.

Included as part of the installation is this Cellgate Watchman™ 450 cellular telephone entry system. The base is shown mounted on a black pedestal base in the image to the left. We also provided the electrical work and concrete base.

A wireless cellular system was used since there were no phone lines or cabling from the house to the end of the driveway. Landline communications is an available option.

This Cellgate model comes with a built-in keypad with up to 5,000 unique local codes and 64,000 non-local codes. The unit provides streaming video to view visitors as well as voice communications.

Up to three external cameras can also be integrated. Photos of entries can be taken on demand and stored.

A Wiegand interface is included for input from external devices (i.e. the vehicle detector loops).

The web-based app allows the owners to install and manage the entire system and external devices entirely via smart phone or web portal. The system integrates access control devices, voice communications, picture images, video and external video cameras seamlessly.

The control can also be powered via solar if electricity is not available.

As an aside, in anticipation the owners had us install and bury preformed exit and entry vehicle detector loops in the new property’s driveway. This was for aesthetics to avoid showing cut marks in the pavement if we had to install later.

ECI can provide turnkey installations for your parking access and revenue control needs. We integrate access equipment with new or existing access control systems. Maintenance and service of existing equipment is also available.

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