New DoorKing Barrier Gates Rockford

New DoorKing Barrier Gates Rockford

ECI was recently called out to replace two barrier gate operators for a gated residential community near Rockford, Illinois. Two replacement DKS® DoorKing® 1601 barrier gate operators are shown in the image above.

There is a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) reader mounted on the dark pole next to the operator on the left. This was part of the original installation and was in good condition.

Vehicles are equipped with identification tags. When the AVI reader senses an authorized vehicle, it relays the operator to lift the arm and the vehicle is allowed to access.

The access lane has an embedded vehicle detector loop on the pavement. It signals the operator when a vehicle clears the barrier so the boom arm can be lowered.

There are two detector loops on the egress lane. When a vehicle approaches and stops the first relays to raise the arm. The second relays to lower the arm once the vehicle clears the area.

Prior Barrier Gates Rockford

Prior Barrier Gates Rockford

The image to the left shows the sad state of the operators that were replaced. If you look closely the base of each operator had rusted from years of use. They were literally rotting away. In fact, the one to the right was actually held up with a makeshift wooden support.

Even the bollard covers were given a fresh look.

These barrier gate operators are designed to be used for high traffic volume, single lanes up to 14 feet wide. Each carries a limited five-year warranty.

Here custom barrier arms were used. Both breakaway arms as well as articulating arms (for low ceilings) are available. Lighted signal arms are an option to light the way for ease of exit.

The protection system for pedestrians reverses the arm movement if a person is detected. It also lowers the arm if an unauthorized vehicle attempts to access. A loop detector and a photoelectric beam are both required to enable this feature.

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