Elka Barrier Gate 01 Oak Park Rec

Elka Barrier Gate 01 Oak Park Rec

Just last month ECI completed its portion of a project for the Oak Park (IL) Recreation Center. We were called in to furnish and install two barrier gates for their parking facility. We acted as a subcontractor.

The image above shows the egress gate from the parking garage. The image below is the access barrier gate (looking out from the garage).

Elka’s P3500 Barrier Gates were selected since the boom’s effective arm length is 10.75 foot to span a 12 foot wide lane. Other models range from (an effective) 7.5 feet wide boom length to almost 15.7 feet.

The boom arm above has an articulating arm to allow for the garage’s low ceiling height. In short, this means there is a joint (like your elbow) to partially fold when the boom is raised. See the image below for a boom without an articulating arm.

Elka Barrier Gate 02 Oak Park Rec

Elka Barrier Gate 02 Oak Park Rec

Three loop detectors can be wired in to each operator and six standard output relays are included. Options include a module to open automatically in case of power failure. Housings colors are available in either blue or white, with optional custom colors.

We also furnished and installed preformed vehicle detector loops that sense cars or trucks entering or exiting the controlled facility. When a vehicle drives over the vehicle detector loop it relays a signal to the barrier gate operator to either open or close the gate, depending on their location.

Vehicle detector loops are a reliable and cost-effective way to sense cars or trucks entering or exiting your location. They are easy to install and maintain, and they are not affected by weather conditions.

Using preformed loops during initial driveway construction eliminates the need to cut into the pavement later. It avoids the sometimes unappealing aesthetics of cut marks and work needed to reseal the pavement.

You may rely on ECI for all of your vehicle access and revenue control needs including entry control integration. We also service and maintain existing equipment.

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