PARCS System Components

Computer and Software

A computer and software is needed to set up, administer and supply real time, accurate reports for your PARCS (Parking and Revenue Control) system and for special validation passes. The hardware and WPS’ ParkID™ software must all communicate on the same network to collect and register the pertinent data generated.

We refer to the computer as the ‘Management’ computer. It allows you to set up and administer the equipment and provides the central reporting information. This information is both accurate and real-time. The software can also produce special validation passes which may include daily, weekly or special event passes as well as time discount or value discount passes.

A laser printer, validation scanners and a credit card server to authorize and process payments are also required. Additional software modules typically included are: Access Control, Revenue Control, Validations, Discounts, Reports, Counts, Networking and Alarms.

WPS Parking Lot Entry Terminal

WPS Parking Lot Entry Terminal


Entry Terminal | Lane

A vehicle entering the parking facility stops at the barrier gate and next to the entry terminal. A vehicle detection loop buried in the pavement senses the arrival and triggers a relay to alert the entry terminal. The patron patron pushes the request button and a parking ticket that is date and time stamped is produced.

Once the ticket is removed, the barrier gate opens and allows the car to move on to parking. Another vehicle detection loop senses the car moving past the barrier and relays to close the gate.

Some long term parking customers, employees, students or volunteers might also need to enter at this lane. The terminal may therefore include access control readers. Automatic gate opening can also be controlled by RFID (radio frequency identification devices) vehicle or license plate tags.