Access Control Equipment & RFID Reader

Access Control Equipment & RFID Reader

We first reported a successful conversion of two vehicle access points for this Chicago location in successive blog articles almost a year ago in late July. The first was “Swing Barrier Gates Replaced | Gate Operator | RFID Reader”. The second article appeared a few days later “Access Control Equipment For New Chicago Swing Barrier Gates

The building has a third vehicular access point where we also replaced the swing gates and operator and extended the previously converted access control system. We also added another RFID (Radio Frequency Identification Reader) receiver.

The gray box shown near the middle in the top image is a continuous duty barrier gate operator from Byan Systems, Inc. The operator can open and close swing gates up to 24 feet long and weighing one and one-half ton. A nice feature is it automatically slows the speed down during the last five degrees of movement towards the final resting point. There is no need to program physical stops to slow the movement down.

To the left of the Byan Systems box are two door controllers for the PDK™ cloud-based access control system. The black box to the extreme left is a numeric controlled keypad that manually controls the gates for pedestrians traveling on foot.

You can barely see the edge of the new gate to the right. Just above it and to the left is a Transcore SmartPass® 4 wireless radio frequency identification (RFID) reader. The reader can read both vehicle tags and Wiegand identification cards up to 17 feet away. Two input and two output relays are included. The reader can also be wall mounted.

New Swing Gate & Access Control Equipment

New Swing Gate & Access Control Equipment

One end of a photo-electric beam is shown mounted on the bricks below and to the left of the gate. The beam acts as an entrapment sensor that stops and reverses gate movements back to the closed position if someone or something breaks the beam.

The image to the left shows more of the swing gate and a yellow warning light as the gates swing out. A second access control pad for pedestrians is not visible.

Once again, ECI provided a turnkey operation for the entire project including power, connections, conduit, etc.

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