Vehicle Traffic Control Spikes

Vehicle Traffic Control Spikes by Liftmaster

Vehicle Traffic Control Spikes by Liftmaster

Traffic control spikes disrupt and even stop vehicle traffic moving in one direction by puncturing tires and thereby causing the tires to deflate. Those vehicles are typically moving in the wrong direction or are not authorized to enter the area. Spikes easily recede for vehicles moving in the opposite direction (i.e. exiting) allowing the vehicles to proceed freely.

Spikes may be surface mounted or flush mounted and embedded in the pavement for permanent application. Surface mounted spikes also act as a speed bump. Both the surface and embedded spikes may be either manually controlled or motorized.

Hollow and Solid Traffic Control Spikes

There are two types of spikes, solid and hollow. The hollow spikes are generally break away and detach and lodge themselves in the tires. This reduces the risk to the car (of crashing) and driver injury. The driver can maintain more control since air does not escape all at once due to a possible blowout from a fixed spike shredding the tire.

Traffic control spikes are frequently used to enforce one-way traffic in a single traffic lane, such as the entrance or exit to a parking lot or garage. They may also be used to control two-way traffic as well.

Applications are to control traffic flow and/or theft prevention. Spikes are not meant to deny access. Crash rated barriers and wedge barriers are better suited for this purpose.

Spikes can be installed in both low and high security locations. They may be combined with barrier gates, traffic control signals, access control systems, vehicle loop detectors, etc. in a total system for commercial or residential applications. These applications can be automated or controlled by attendants or guards.

These are some typical applications:

  • Community garages, parking garages, parking lots
  • Private gated communities and apartment complexes
  • Municipal and airport parking facilities
  • Car, truck and motorcycle dealerships and rental agencies
  • Schools and other government offices
  • Businesses, industry and office complexes
  • Military bases

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