This video shows two of the shallow mount retractable Raptor bollards recently installed for Chicago’s Federal Reserve. These barriers are crash rated and provide anti-ram protection.

The typical operation time is five seconds. But in emergencies, these bollards can be raised in just 1.5 seconds.

As you can see, the bollards fold flat into the ground when lowered from their 39 inch extended position. There are no protruding points for snow plows in Chicago to damage or for pedestrians to trip over. The tops are also made slip resistant.

The bollards do not require deep excavation as other security barriers do since just 20” of excavation is required. Pedestrian and bicycle access is easy when the bollards are extended.

These Perimeter Security Bollards Can Protect Any Access Width

Each perimeter security bollard is installed individually as a single unit. They can be used in rows to protect any width size. They operate smoothly and are very quiet.

Raptor bollards have a much narrower profile than a typical wedge shaped barrier. Safety devices to protect against potential points of entrapment are not required.

Since the bollards come supplied with integrated rebar, construction of concrete reinforced rebar cages is not required. Raptor bollards thus may present a more cost effective alternative to wedge barriers as well as automatic bollards.

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