Wedge Barriers

Counter Terrorist Barricade

Anti-Ram Vehicle Barrier

Vehicle wedge barriers are an important consideration in any properly designed active vehicle barrier (AVB) system. These types of barriers are used at critical access control or entry locations. Applications include both parking and vehicle theft prevention as well as anti-ram protection for high security applications.

Vehicle parking and theft applications include valet parking, revenue control, car rental or car storage facilities, etc. Anti-ram, or anti-terrorist, applications include government facilities, embassies, military bases, nuclear facilities as well as other sensitive locations.

The latter must adhere to crash rating standards as established by the United States Department of State (DOS). These standards detail three different rating certifications as per type of vehicle as well as the speed of travel. For more information about crash rating please visit our Crash Rated Bollards page.

When extended, this active vehicle barriers forms a “V” shape much like a piece, or wedge, of pie. Thus the name – wedge barrier. The barrier lies flat on the ground when inactive.

Wedge Barrier Fully Extended

Wedge Barrier Fully Extended

The blocking plate can be raised and lowered by an electric and pneumatic or hydraulic system in just a few seconds. Pedestrians, motorcycles and bikes can not access the are once wedge barriers are raised.

Some come equipped in tandem with barrier arms as shown to the left. Other options include signage, integrated lighting, traffic signal controls, access control devices, etc.

Wedges can either be installed in ground or surface mounted. Some are even transportable for temporary usage. They can be used stand alone, in multiple arrays or combined with other types of barrier protection such as gates or bollards. Additional terms describing these barriers are plate or curb barrier, raising wedge or pop up barrier.

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