Barrier Gate Access to Lot 2 Loyola Maywood

Barrier Gate Access to Lot 2 Loyola Maywood

We installed the above barrier gate at the Loyola University Medical Center in Maywood, Illinois. It is one of several such gates within a campus-wide Parking Access and Revenue Control System (PARCS). The one pictured is at the access lane to the employee lot #2.

The Magnetic Automation “Parking Pro” barrier gate was provided as part of the WPS PARCS system. Also note the access control reader and an intercom station mounted on a black gooseneck pedestal at the far left. If you look closely you can also see the cut marks in the concrete where vehicle detector loops are installed.

This simple procedure is followed to gain access. A vehicle approaches the closed barrier gate and stops above the detection loop. The system is alerted and the driver presents a proximity access card to the reader. The software confirms the card’s authenticity and determines whether the card is authorized to enter during the specific time period.

The barrier gate opens if the card is validated and the vehicle can proceed through. A second detector loop relays the barrier gate operator to close once the vehicle passes through its field. This prevents another vehicle from tailgating, or following the first car into the lot without presenting credentials.

The ‘event’ is duly noted in the card’s history log. Reports can be generated or inquiries can be made later through the software.

The intercom station is there so a driver may communicate with on-site, but remote, security personnel in case of a problem with the card or the reader.

This is a part of the extensive system which includes WPS Parking Solutions’ entry and exit terminals, pay on foot terminals and software. Access control equipment, the Commend intercom system and value pass readers are also part of the system.

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