Alvarado Turnstiles - TC Industries 01

Alvarado Turnstiles – TC Industries

Last year ECI furnished and installed the two new Alvarado turnstiles shown above for TC Industries. This was part of new security precautions at their plant in Crystal Lake.

The turnstiles allow access and egress from the lot and are made part of the perimeter protection. Notice the red open/closed status light which signals when someone can enter.

Alvarado Turnstiles - TC Industries 02

Alvarado Turnstiles – TC Industries 02

Additional system protection (by others) included security fencing, vehicle gate, a person gate, closed circuit television (notice the camera on a white frame) and access control (the reader is located below the camera on the turnstile frame).

A close-up image of the turnstiles is shown above, to the left. The white plates shown mid-height on each left frame are for mounting of an access control reader. Through ways in each framework allow easy wire feeds and simple integration to access control and/or visitor management computer systems.

These full height turnstile barrier gates act to control or restrict human traffic entering the facility. One person at a time is allowed to enter or exit the fenced in area. The law requires free exit to leave.

Upon presenting valid access control credentials, the barrier gate releases and allows a one-third revolution so a person can proceed. Then the turnstile locks in place until the next authorized credential is presented.

Many different versions of full height turnstiles are available for both indoor and outdoor usage. The barriers can be motorized and some are even touchless where motion sensing detectors activate them. Indoor models can come with clear arms and side panels.

There are different sizes, including compact versions to thwart tailgating and wider versions to accommodate delivery of packages and equipment. Tandem versions offer smaller footprints than the two separate turnstiles shown here.

Standard manufacturing and safety listings may include UL, CSA Group as well as CE Marked (European Union).

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