Model SBP – Image Courtesy of B&B ARMR

Earlier this year I wrote an article “A Different Slant On Counter Terrorism Barriers In England“. In the story I discussed a novel way Coventry, a city in central England, brought some beauty to its anti-terrosim efforts. A pair of abstract artists were commissioned to decorate concrete security barriers outside a local market and leisure center.

These massive concrete blocks are inter-spaced with security bollards. They are now decorated in attractive designs and bright colors.

At the time the city was designated as the current ‘UK City of Culture’. These embellishments were an addition to the public artworks display

How can a concrete planter be rated as a counter-terrorist device?

B&B ARMR supplies ECI with anti-terrorism, perimeter security, bollards as well as crash-rated equipment. One of their most interesting products available is the Model SBP.

This crash-rated ‘bolt down platform system’ is pictured above in the rendering. According to its website, the system provides “a crash-rated structure for decorative planter barriers, benches, bicycle racks and other street furniture.”

The SBP is a base and oftentimes hidden by the decorative device covering it. And, it is crash-rated to stop a 2.5-ton vehicle traveling at 20 miles per hour.

There are numerous applications to protect pedestrians and property along streets, stadiums, schools and colleges, hospitals, etc. They can be spaced out to accommodate ADA requirements. In certain instances, they can be bolted down to existing concrete installations. Coverings are customized.

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