US Army iWatch

US Army iWatch

I think most of the principles discussed in a 2016 article on the U.S. Army Website about physical security matters still stand true today. The article directs this information, as we do, to those responsible for the planning and executing of programs and plans revolving around anti-terrorism protection activities. In my opinion, this would include officers, coordinators and leaders in both the military as well as in business and government.

Two of the main focus areas included:

  • Physical security does play an important role in plans and programs centered around prevention of terrorism plots.
  • These deterrents can act as a first line of defense at home and at work, as well as when we travel against the threat of terrorism.

The author writes about the essential elements of physical security which must include elements that help deter, detect, delay and respond to threats and activities. Physical security consist of several layers that can be integrated and synchronized. Both installations and facilities can be protected by physical security measures.

The text in the above graphic sends a simple, common sense message to all Americans: “A simple Observation. A Single Report can lead to actions that may STOP a terrorist attack. Think about the power of that. The power of iWatch. See Something – Say Something.”

Read more at “Antiterrorism Awareness Quarterly Theme — Physical Security Measures”.

ECI can contribute in various ways to aid in physical security measures. We can supply and install vehicle barriers, including anti-ram, anti-terrorist barriers, access control, facility lighting, key control, security badging and tags, guard booths and shelters, crash rated active and passive physical bollards, cable beam barriers, vehicle detection loops, etc.

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