Calpipe Security Bollards Installed by ECI

Calpipe Security Bollards Installed by ECI

I found two recent articles from the UK quite amusing. ITV News reported just yesterday that “Vehicle left wedged on traffic bollard in Canterbury as driver admits tailgating”.

The city council has posted warning signage to drivers about the bollards. But the driver apparently chose to disregard the no tailgating sign, much to his regret. He did later admit his error to a council officer.

While just last Friday Kent On Line reported – “Nissan Leaf gets trapped on Canterbury’s anti-terror bollards – just days after Hyundai was caught out”.

The ITV News article reported on the third driver who tried to out-wit the bollards. Just a little over a week prior, a Hyundai was also caught and lifted off the ground. One vehicle was attempting to exit the city while the other was trying to enter.

No details were furnished on the third incident. But the article noted than in addition to signage there are green lights which indicate when it is safe to proceed.

A council spokesperson was quoted as saying: “The bollards are operating exactly in the way they should in order to try and keep the city centre and its businesses and residents safe. These incidents are proof that they are doing the job we want them to do.” The council is now pleading to drivers to avoid tailgating to circumvent the automatic bollards.

We first reported on this project on February 14, 2019 “Canterbury UK Invests in Security Bollards to Keep City Safe”. At that time we wrote that the town was investing over $1 million in security bollards and other measures. It was in “an effort to prevent terrorists from using ‘hostile’ vehicles to attack pedestrians while driving through the center of town.”

I wonder whether tailgaters are considered hostile vehicles and what the fines are for not adhering to the signs.

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