Slide Gate Operator in Vernon Hills 02

Here’s a brief review of several different types of barrier gates available to protect your perimeter and enhance security.

Pictured above is an operator for a slide gate barriers recently installed in a Chicago northwest suburban location.

  • Horizontal barrier arm gates generally rotate from a 12 o’clock (open) position to three o’clock (closed). Available in many stock lengths as well as articulating designs applicable for low ceilings such as in parking garages.
  • Swing gates that are hinged on one side. These open and close just like a door.
  • Slide gates which, of course, slide back and forth across the pavement. They may slide on wheels or rollers. They may also ride along a metal track in the ground.
  • Cantilever gates are supported by posts and run inside the fence structure along rails.
  • Vertical pivot lift gates which rotate vertically in and out of the gate opening.
  • Bi-fold gates consisting of two panels that fold back (like bi-fold doors in a house) to allow access.

Many factors determine the right gate for your application. These include the width of access, available adjoining property, level of security, physical environment and aesthetics, budget, etc.

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