Counter Terrorist Barricade

Anti-Ram Vehicle Barrier

I recently found a 45-page pdf student guide document online entitled “Introduction to Physical Security” from the Center for Development and Security Agency. The website claims the organization provides “Security education, training, and certification for DOD (Department of Defense) and Industry”. They also claim they are “An official website of the Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency”.

Frankly, I have no idea whether any of this is legitimate or not and do not want to do a deep dive to determine. I do offer caution if you decide to investigate but I will not not include any links to these sites nor the pdf.

But I did find some interesting reading in the student guidebook about perimeter protection and steps in counter-terrorist efforts.

The booklet emphasizes the use of physical security as a means to both detect and deter intruders. The course teaches about “physical security concepts and roles, as well as physical security planning and implementation, including a review of the various types of physical security countermeasures employed to deter, delay, detect, or prevent threats.”

I loved the analogy they use in comparing anti-terrorism protection to peeling an onion. There are indeed multiple layers of an onion one must peel away before finally revealing its center.

Counter-terrorism protection starts with barriers of perimeter protection including guards in guard houses, fencing with warning signs and lighting, etc. Then continued screening to get into the building. Let’s not forget about anti-terrorist vehicle barriers such as anti-ram bollards and wedge barriers for protection against vehicle attacks though!

They make the point that penetrating each layer takes additional time and energy (and planning).

The booklet differentiates between point and area security. It identifies risks, assets, threats, vulnerabilities, etc. Chapters are broken down and even include reviews, or tests. It was really comprehensive and an interesting read.

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