Inside of Supermarket

Last week I read some news about two supermarket chains in England combating ram raids in an article entitled “Waitrose plans new ram-raid-proof ATM at Abingdon“.

Since 2017 the county of Oxfordshire in southern England has experienced more than 15 ram raids. One such incident involved a stolen digger to break through a wall. We have reported several times on this blog about the use of stolen telehandlers (and other vehicles) used in ram raids as well as the use of bollards and wedge barriers as a deterrent.

Waitrose, a chain of supermarkets in the UK, is installing a new ATM on a concrete slab to make it more secure from being snatched in a crash and grab. Concrete paved finishes above will add to the security.

Sainsbury’s, another chain of supermarkets in England, will install security bollards that reportedly are ram raid proof in their new store in Oxford. The bollards are meant to thwart such attacks.

Waitrose (& Partners) is a chain of almost 350 employee-owned supermarkets in the UK and was founded in 1904. The Sainsbury’s chain of supermarkets in the UK is reportedly the second or third largest in the country. The City of Oxford is located within the county of Oxfordshire in the southern portion of England.

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