Nasatka Sliding Crash Barrier Gate

Nasatka Sliding Crash Barrier Gate

This crash rated cantilevered sliding barrier gate is designed for high threat facilities in need of additional security. As pictured above, the Nasatka K-12 rated barrier appears on the United States Department of Defense (DoD) Anti-Ram Vehicle Barriers List. Models are also available in K4 and K-8 ratings.

Learn more about crash ratings on our Crash Rated Bollards page.

The gate itself is almost 10 feet high while the barrier stretches to almost 12 feet high. Models come in various widths (12 to 24 feet) to accommodate customer lane openings to facilities. The gate materials are available with anti-climbing material, chain link fence, pickets and can even be matched to existing fence lines or specific finishes. Each barrier gate can be controlled manually or with either electrical or hydraulic operators.

Cantilever Barrier Gates Are More Reliable

Cantilever gates are very similar in operation to sliding gates. However cantilever gates do not use sliding gate rollers which slide along the ground to support the gate. Instead rails and posts support the gates inside the fence. Cantilever gates are wider than sliding gates since this additional counterbalancing support is required. The application uses counterbalancing of often times nearly one half the width of the opening.

All in all, sliding gates are more popular in light commercial or residential applications. However cantilever gates are considered more reliable than sliding gates. They also do not required lateral space needed for swing gates.

These crash rated cantilevered sliding barrier gates can easily be integrated into access control systems using previously discussed vehicle detection loops, card or numeric readers, as well automated vehicle identification (AVI) system using radio frequency identification (RFID). Read more at Automated Vehicle Identification Systems | Radio Frequency ID.

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