Custom Architectural Bollard - courtesy FEMA

Custom Architectural Bollard – courtesy FEMA

Channel News Asia reported earlier this week the Singapore parliament introduced but tabled legislation to bolster anti-terrorism protection. This Asian sovereign city-state is officially know as the Republic of Singapore. You can read the entire article with details entitled: “Bill requiring selected buildings to strengthen security measures tabled in Parliament”.

The goal of the bill is to require measures designed to deny or deter attacks and to minimize casualties in case of an attack. The apparent concern is for disruption of services or inflicting mass casualties in iconic buildings, those supplying essential services or those having high traffic volume.

New buildings will be designated and required to include design measures that specifically address security risks. Required measures may include: “…video surveillance, security personnel, vehicle barriers and strengthening the building against the effects of an explosion…”

Enhancement of security procedures at immigration checkpoints and military camps is also included in the Bill.

Will municipalities and local government in the United States go so far as to legislate these measures in the future as well?

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