FOX 40 in southern California last week reported a truck involved crash and grab last week. You can view the detailed video at “Surveillance Video Shows Suspects Crash Truck Into Rancho Cordova Gas Station, Steal ATM”.

In the video, a red pickup truck is shown backing into a Rancho Cordova’s gas station’s doors. A man in a ski mask and his companion get out of the truck and push the debris away. The first man attaches a belt to the ATM and the driver accelerates the truck, dragging the ATM from inside the gas station.

The truck is next seen dragging the ATM through the gas station. It stops when the ATM slides across into another lane. Two men get out and pull the ATM back while a third drives the truck in reverse. The three load the ATM into the truck and pull away.

The entire event took a few minutes, hardly enough time for police to respond. A second location just one half mile away in Rancho Cordova was tried unsuccessfully earlier the same morning.

KHou*11 in Houston, Tx reported an unusual event on December 12thCouple protects $250,000 in cash after witnessing ATM smash-and-grab”. The event happened in late November. A man and woman heard a loud crash while on their home patio. They thought a crash occurred and someone was possibly hurt. Instead, upon inspection, they found a damaged ATM at a Chase bank and a vehicle speeding away dragging a chain. They called 911 and sat vigil over the money until police arrived.

The Houston Chronicle reported that a stolen truck with four men backed into an ATM at a credit union on December 7th. The story is “ATM damaged in attempted smash-and-grab at NW Houston credit union”. They damaged the ATM by did not get away with it.

We at ECI have been reporting on other crash and grabs (a.k.a. ram raids) in an effort to call attention to the frequency of these events, unpredictability and vulnerability to considerable potential damage and loss. You can mitigate your risk by installing anti-ram vehicle barriers or crash rated security bollards to protect against vehicles used in ram raids or crash and grabs.

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