HySecurity SlideDriver Slide Gate Operator in Chicago

HySecurity SlideDriver Slide Gate Operator in Chicago

Last year ECI was called to the Plumbers Local 130 UA headquarters in Chicago for some finishing work in their upgraded parking area. Shown in the image above, and to the right, is one of the Nice/HySecurity SlideDriver™ operators, this one relocated at the parking access lane.

You can see the automated barrier gate (by others) outside the fence for access and the one on the left is for egress. The authorized drivers use a wireless push button control to enter the parking lot.

A relay is activated by pressing the control. It signals to raise the boom arm and open the gate.

As the vehicle passes over the vehicle detector loop (see fresh cut marks in the pavement in the foreground) and clears the boom and gate, a relay is activated to lower the boom and close the gate automatically.

Notice the yellowish rectangular box on the left side at the bottom of the slide gate operator. This is one end of a photoelectric beam. It acts as an entrapment safety device to close and reverse the gate if a person or obstacle interrupts the beam.

These HySecurity slide gate operators were a workhorse device. They can move gates weighing from 1,500 (one horsepower model) up to 20,000 pounds (five horsepower). The gate length is limited only by weight.

Each came with three configurable relays and an optional eight relay output board. UPS battery backup is included along with a five-year product warranty.

A newer HySecurity SlideDriver™ II slide gate operator model is now available. I will discuss the new model we installed at another gate at the union parking lot in an upcoming article.

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