Ballistic Rated Guard House

Ballistic Rated Guard House

There is an increase in demand for ballistic rated guard booths where security guards and other personnel operate in high risk situations. Not only does this include military bases and governmental offices, many companies face similar threats. In such cases personnel protection is paramount.

There are many factors contributing to today’s higher risk level. Domestic as well as international terrorism, the drug epidemic and increased use of opioids, racial and (anti-) abortion violence, political polarization, etc., are but a few examples.

Shown above is a ballistic rated guard building available through Porta-King, a leading ECI supplier. These guard booths and buildings are engineered to provide outstanding, ballistic free, protection for personnel inside.

Rating Standards Must Be Coupled With Risk

Porta-King building systems are available to meet varying levels of both Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and National Institute of Justice (NIJ) standards. One example of rating standards includes Underwriters Laboratory Ballistic Standards UL 752. This is one standard for bullet resisting equipment. Factors include projectile gauge (i.e. .44 magnum, .223 and .30 caliber rifles, 12 gauge shotguns), range, velocity, number of shots, temperature, etc.

There are numerous custom design features and options available in ballistic rated guard booths and buildings. These include wall construction, different styles of doors and windows as well as options on roofing styles and interior design. Additional construction options include plumbing for integral bathrooms, electrical options (i.e. explosion proof) as well as heating, air conditioning and ventilation alternatives.

See pictures of both ballistic rated and non-ballistic rated guard booths and buildings on our Guard Booth page. Call ECI today at 847.949.0134 for a list of options and a proposal on your current or future guard booth requirements. Or click below for a direct contact list.