Low Clearance Truck Warning System - Chicago CBRE 1

Low Clearance Truck Warning System – Chicago CBRE 1

CBRE Properties at 250 South Wacker Drive in Chicago called ECI last year to help solve a problem they were having.

The situation was that trucks were backing down the declining slope without realizing the door was still closed. Thus trucks were regularly backing into their overhead garage doors and causing damage. At times the damage was significant. The photo below and to the left shows (the arrow pointing) to some of the damage (ECI’s) Al Krueger found during an initial inspection.

Damage to Dock Door - Chicago CBRE

Damage to Dock Door – Chicago CBRE

Our suggested solution was to install a Watchman Low Clearance Alarm Bar from Alvarado Manufacturing.

If the bar is hit by a forklift or a truck an audible alarm goes off and red lights at both ends begin to flash. This would normally alert a driver to stop and would also signal employees.

We felt the location needed additional warnings to drivers because of the height of the door. It needed visual alerts a driver could see in the backup mirror, not just something over the cab.

Al therefore suggested and added red and green stoplights and a louder sounder (shown above to the right under the stoplight) to complete the system. The image below to the right shows the pair of red and green stoplights for both rearview mirrors.

This is how the system operates:

Low Clearance Truck Warning System - Chicago CBRE 2

Low Clearance Truck Warning System – Chicago CBRE 2

The red light flashes and the audible signal sounds when the overhead door is activated to either open (or close). The sound and flashing continue until the overhead door is completely open.

Once the door is fully open the red light changes to a green light and the audible signal stops. Drivers can then safely back up into the dock.

We installed the visual signals where the truck drivers can automatically see them when they look in either of their mirrors to back up. The lower level audio signal also facilitates them better hearing the alarm since it is placed on the driver’s side at cab height.

ECI also supplied the electrical work, conduit, junction boxes, wiring and connections.

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