New Barrier Gate for Riverway in Rosemont

New Barrier Gate for Riverway in Rosemont

Earlier this year ECI was called to Rosemont, IL for Riverway Management. They needed an obsolete barrier gate replaced which was guarding an entrance to their parking garage.

Controlling traffic entering and exiting parking facilities is the most common application for barrier gates. These gates are typically used to give authorized vehicles access to a restricted area, deny access to those vehicles not authorized to enter or to stop vehicles and collect tolls.

Gate arms extend across the lane and are typically down and horizontal to the pavement when closed. The arm rotates from that closed position to nearly vertical to open a path for a vehicle to proceed.

Access credentials or automatic vehicle identification devices allow access with automated operations. Vehicle detector loops are used to sense an approaching vehicle and also to determine when a vehicle has cleared the area so the barrier arm can be once again lowered.

Barrier gates are not designed to stop moving cars and trucks intent on ramming through the barrier. As you can see, pedestrian traffic (if allowed) could easily gain access

For this application, we selected (as shown above) the Magnetic AutoControl™ barrier gate for its reliability, ease of use, low maintenance and customizable options. The gate controller and barrier arm are a single unit. Standard lane widths from 12 to 20 feet wide are available.

Part of this extended family of barrier gates includes gates with boom skirts (vertical fencing below the barrier gate), as well as over climb fence protection, extra long barrier gates (28 and 33 feet wide) and toll barrier gates. Other options include lighting and articulating barriers (typically used for low ceilings) and traffic signal lights. Housings are available in four colors.

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