Two New Egress Barrier Gates Inverness Residential Gated Community

ECI recently completed an installation that increases both vehicle security access as well as egress for a residential gated community in Inverness, IL. The image below shows two well worn barrier gates adjacent to the guard house at the entrance to Inverness on the Pond. Security personnel were usually present at all times to manually operate the gates via push button.

Barrier Gates Inverness Residential Gated Community Before

What isn’t shown is there was no barrier gate to the left of the guard booth at the time of inspection. Thus if by some chance a security guard were not present, or involved in a matter which took his or her eyes away, a vehicle could enter the residential community using the exit lane and avoid the barrier gates. Therefore the goal was to increase security for cars and trucks entering and exiting when a guard was not present. ECI replaced the two entry barrier gates (shown in picture above) and installed a new barrier gate at the exit lane (shown below). We selected Elka’s Parking Barrier Gates for this installation.

New Egress Barrier Gate Inverness Residential Gated Community

Barrier gate arms come in standard 8′ to 16′ lengths. The gate controller offers three available opening/closing speeds and the unit can accommodate up to three vehicle detector loops. Break away bolts and auto reverse are standard. Several optional features are also available. We also tied in existing vehicle detector loops at the entrance and installed two vehicle detector loops at the egress lane. Saw cuts and asphalt repairs were included. Additional access control and security upgrades were also installed. We’ll cover those in upcoming articles. Inverness on the Pond is a gated residential community consisting of 123 single family homes and 44 townhouses in Inverness, a suburb northwest of Chicago.

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