Custom Architectural Bollard - courtesy FEMA

Custom Architectural Bollard – courtesy FEMA

On Tuesday second term Mayor Bill de Blasio announced a major New York City anti-terrorist investment to protect citizens and tourists from vehicle attacks. The city will spend $50 million to install 1,500 protective bollards in popular areas throughout its five boroughs.

According to de Blasio, this in an effort to keep citizens and tourists safe and secure in public spaces and on streets. He stated: “…these bollards will make sure that a vehicle can never come into the places where people are…”

The announcement was made in Times Square near where last May a woman was killed and 22 pedestrians injured by a motorist. Later in the year a terrorist killed eight while driving a rented truck down a bike lane on New York’s West Side on Halloween.

Read more online at the New York Daily News article “City ramping up security with 1,500 more protective barriers to prevent terror attacks”.

Anti-Ram Bollards Protect Pedestrians and Property

Counter-terrorism, anti-ram bollards keep unauthorized vehicles from entering designated areas in an effort to protect pedestrians, property and buildings against attack. In addition to protecting pedestrians, bollards provide physical security for all types of buildings and facilities.

I wrote about “Widespread Use of Anti Terrorism Bollards Permeate The News” this past November.  You may also read more about active (or moveable) and (passive or fixed) bollards as well as crash rating guidelines at “Crash Rated Bollards” as well as crash rating guideline

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