Parking Lot

I recently read an interesting article in Parking Network, an online trade magazine. It was entitled: “Where Do You See Parking Heading in the Next Few Months?” The blog article addressed concerns about the future of parking access and revenue control systems (PARCS) in light of COVID-19.

Many concerns were addressed for both near term and long term challenges. Of course, there are concerns about better hygiene in the use of public transportation as more people return to work in the future.

People feel safer traveling in their own vehicles as a way to reduce becoming infected. There have even been discussions that encourage avoiding public transportation and using personal vehicles. This trend, if it holds true, will lead to increased traffic on roadways which in turn will lead to the need for additional parking facilities.

Several leading experts were interviewed. They discussed newer technologies and emphasized solutions that are contactless. “Touchless and frictionless” transactions will be a way to maintain social distancing, allay concerns of parking patrons and may even lead to more efficiency for parking facility operations.

These and other applications will require “access control, parking guidance, and parking enforcement” automation. Parking facilities will need to offer “fewer touchpoints and support prebooking, contactless payments, and other hygienic measures.”

Mobile apps, payment apps, QR codes, vehicle radio frequency identification tags, license plate recognition and other intelligent solutions were mentioned as well.

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