We have previously looked at the humorous side of bollards in writing “A Whimsical Look At Decorated Perimeter Security Bollards” as well as “Is The Rumored World Bollard Association Fact or Fiction“.

With the celebration just this past weekend I thought it time to glance back at a story from two years ago which coupled Easter with security traffic bollards. It was titled: “Knitters cover bollards in Easter bonnets just because they can”.

Callander is a small town located in Stirlingshire, Scotland and is a popular tourist destination. It seems like a group of devout knitters fashioned woolen covers for 20 or more traffic bollards in the town. Of course the theme was Easter based.

There were covers that looked like Easter eggs, chickens, bunny rabbits as well as flowers in various colors. It was a gigantic task and the entire purpose of the exercise was to cheer up the townsfolk and visitors.

The team of some 40 dedicated knitters took eight weeks to knit the bollard covers on looms. Designs were sewn on afterwards. Enough wool was used to stretch 10 miles. This was the third similar type project by the group. The fun project developed into a tourist attraction drawing tourists and residents for photo ops.

Although I can not publish any of the actual photos here without violating copyright laws, here is the link to the article for your enjoyment: https://metro.co.uk/2017/04/05/knitters-cover-bollards-in-easter-bonnets-just-because-they-can-6554628/

Metro.co.uk, along with Metro newspaper, are part of DMG Media. It states on the web site that it reports trendy news “… written for and reaches a young, mobile savvy metropolitan audience” in the United Kingdom (England).

Bollards help protect against unauthorized cars and trucks attempting penetration of designated areas and causing harm to people, property or buildings. There are active (movable) and fixed or passive bollards. Some are even removable.

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