Chicago Precipitation Halloween History

Chicago Precipitation Halloween History

I do not know about you, but the threat of several inches of snow accumulation for Halloween this Thursday along with plunging temperatures gives me the shivers. Brrrrr! Let’s have some empathy with those trick or treaters in their skimpy costumes.

According to the National Weather Service there have been only six Halloweens with snow accumulations. There has been more than an inch of precipitation on Halloween only three times. These statistics are since they started keeping records in 1872.

Let the upcoming initial winter weather once again alert you to the need to inspect and service your parking and access control equipment. Now is the time to ensure smooth operations through Chicago’s snowy and icy weather.

Trust our team of professionally trained experts. Schedule your annual inspection and tuneup of your barrier gate system and access and revenue control components now, before the severe weather hits. ECI has been installing and servicing this equipment for the past 33 years.

Our multi-point checkup includes:

  • Clean and inspect all types of gates and operators – including barrier gates, wedge barriers, lift gates, cantilevered, swing and slide gates
  • Grease and lubricate friction points and gears, examine and tighten fittings and connections, check and adjust limits
  • Inspect guard booths and shelters as well as revenue control stations, access control systems, intercoms, lighting, entrapment devices, etc.
  • Inspect fixed and automatic bollards and bollard covers
  • Test vehicle detector loops, vehicle spike units, photo-electric beams, etc. and adjust where needed
  • Replace hydraulic fluid and worn reflectors as needed
  • Caulk cracks in vehicle detector loop cuts and concrete pads
  • Perform system acceptance tests

We will report our findings and discuss any needed repairs.

Note: All labor, preventative maintenance parts and trip charges are included in one low price that is based on the types and amount of equipment.

Learn more about our Service and Preventative Maintenance programs.

Call ECI at 847.949.0134 now for a quote or to schedule a preventative maintenance visit before winter’s onset. Or click below for contact information.