This video shows three incidents of crash and grabs in Australia. Initially, we see two vivid incidents at Repco stores in Greenway. In both of these instances, a dark pickup truck smashes through the front door of the stores. The video at the second store also shows a perpetrator tossing a large box into the back of the truck.

Next, a car pushes in the glass doors of a Domino’s Pizza store in Weston. A perpetrator finishes by pushing the glass through the frame, entering the store and he then climbs over the counter. An accomplice joins him. The first intruder manages to remove the cash drawer. He hands it to the second intruder who then exits the store.

None of these stores were protected by protective security bollards which would have stopped the assault by the vehicles.

Repco, with its 300 stores, is the largest auto parts and car accessories retailer in Australia. And, we all know the name Domino’s Pizza. Greenway is a town in the southeastern tip of Australia. It is located between Sydney and Melbourne. Weston is also located in the same general area, roughly 5.5 miles south and a little east of Greenway. Both at within the Australian Capital Territory.

I have written here several times about crash and grabs or ram raids in the U.S. as well as in New Zealand, England and Australia. Stolen vehicles or telehandlers are most often used in these types of crimes.

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