Just yesterday I was reading an article “Ram-raiders steal $4k of cigarettes from Christchurch dairy” from a site called Stuff (in New Zealand). The dairy store was burglarized on Sunday by two crash and grab artists.

The perpetrators used a car to plow through the front of the establishment. They then stole the cigarettes and drove away. The ram raid incident was recorded by security cameras and shared with police officials.

This was the second robbery at the same location in the past three years. Efforts to make the store more secure did not work against the force of the car.

Christchurch is located along the east coast of South Island, New Zealand and is the largest city on South Island.

In searching for related stories I also came across the above YouTube video I wanted to share. 9News in Australia showed this video story of a recent ram raid at a Telstra store in Melbourne. A Ute (utility vehicle with cargo space behind the driver and passenger seat – similar to a pickup truck) was driven in reverse and smashed through the front clash of the store.

A perpetrator used a crowbar to gain entry. However, he was unable to gain access to either money or merchandise (secured each evening) and fled empty-handed. As with the dairy, the location has been hit multiple times over the last several years.

According to its web site, “Telstra is Australia’s largest mobile network that provides users with mobile phones, internet plans and packages, home phones & more”.

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