Vertical Pivot Gate by B&B Armr

Vertical Pivot Gate by B&B Armr

NBC-2 News in Fort Myers, FL reported an interesting story last month about changes happening in some gated communities in southwest Florida. It seems people, namely security guards, are being replaced by virtual guards at gates. To gain access to the gated community you must insert your driver’s license before being allowed to enter.

The article, “Security guards in SWFL being replaced by virtual gate guards” reported that investigators actually went to five gated communities where they encountered the same security. They were not allowed to access when they refused to insert their identification.

The article went on to ask whether the driver’s information could be put to risk with this procedure.

Although promises are made to keep information private, we have all recently witnessed files at large companies are susceptible to being hacked. Some of the bigger hacks include comapnies such as Marriott, Equifax, eBay, JP Morgan Chase, Home Depot, Yahoo, Target, Adobe, Sony’s Playstation Network, etc. If these companies can be hacked, what servers can not? Note: One company owns the equipment at the five communities.

There is also a debate as to whether this procedure adheres to Florida’s 2013 law allowing certain instances where swiping of driver licenses is legal.

Privacy and safety are two of the primary reasons people move to gated communities. But could you be sacrificing your privacy as well as the privacy of your guests in the guise of new technology replacing guards with machines? How do they screen pedestrians? People on bicycles?

We invite your comments below and welcome your opinion.

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