Car Crashes Into Store Front

I read about a growing problem on Monday. Statistically ram raids, or crash and grabs on ATMs, nearly doubled from 2014-17. The figures have gotten even worse since then.

This statistic was mentioned in an article entitled β€œHow your business can reduce the risk of ram-raiding” which was published on the IFSEC Global website.

The problem exists not only for ATM machines but for any business that stores valuable items. This may include goods and materials or even data and information.

We have written about stores with high-ticket items, jewelry stores and high fashion retailers. Anything of value to the thief, or that can be sold, is a potential target.

Dakota Murphy is the author of the piece. Her advice is to examine the issue and take action to reduce your losses before an occurrence. She offers some steps companies can take to minimize their risks.

1) Valuable equipment should not be flashed. Hide from sight, don’t make it obvious. This is especially true when the business is closed.

2) Install physical protection such as security bollards and barrier gates at vulnerable points to block access by vehicles and crash and grabs.

Note: If you do, ensure that the devices are properly rated for the risk and also that they are properly installed. The article mentions British publicly available specifications (PAS). We discuss United States Department of State (DOS) K-ratings on our Crash Rated Bollards page.

3) Some additional security measures include installing closed-circuit television (CCTV) systems or a centrally monitored burglar alarm system. Things to dissuade a potential ram raid and quite possibly prevent it.

4) Make security a priority and budget for it.

She sums up the article by writing simple things β€œcan deter criminals from considering attacking you in the first place, and make it much harder for them to carry out their attack successfully.”

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