I wanted to share this video with you from PortaKing our supplier of guard booths and shelters. The unit was delivered on a flat bed truck and installation took only a few hours. The time lapse video shows the entire unit being lifted by an overhead crane. Yellow straps are attached to lifting lugs mounted on the guard booth’s roof.

The guard booth, as shown in the video, is a prefabricated unit using Durasteel, an all welded steel construction. The booth was factory wired for electricity and equipped with factory installed plumbing for the included restroom. Also included were outside custom finished wall panels.

Two other material construction options from PortaKing include aluminum and a more economical welded steel. A ballistic-rated (per risk) unit construction is also available for high security applications. Additional high security features include security screens, exterior lighting, bullet proof glass, locks and shutters.

Layouts and sizes can be customized as well as roof and wall (interior and exterior) configurations. HVAC units are available to control climate within the guard booths.

If you are looking for a new or replacement guard booth for your location, ECI can provide turnkey installations including concrete slabs, electricity, exterior lighting, protective bollards, etc.

Of course we also provide complete Parking and Access Control Systems, Crash Rated/Counter-terrorism Barrier Applications, Vehicle Guidance Systems, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) devices, Slide and Swing Gate Operators, Barrier Gates Systems, etc. Learn more at our Vehicle Access Control System page.

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