I have been writing about some counter-terrorist steps the town of Cambridge, England has been taking for almost one year now. These steps are an effort to protect crowds in Kings Parade from terrorists using vehicles as attack weapons. Located in central Cambridge, Kings Parade is a busy area frequented by university students traveling to and from classes, many cyclists as well as shoppers and tourists.

If you recall, last year the town council approved installing a barrier gate on a temporary 18-month trial. That new anti-terrorist barrier gate, although supposed to be closed at 9:30 A.M., is shown in the open position in the above video.

This time-lapse video shows bicycle, pedestrian and vehicular traffic flowing in both directions through a narrow single lane thoroughfare at a ‘less’ busy time. Two things struck me about people in the video.

The first is a man, with a tan backpack, first taking pictures of the pavement while squatting down. How close did he come to be struck by that driver? Or even a bicyclist? The man also crosses over the street and takes pictures of the barrier gate, and later talks to a woman in a red coat.

I want to also point out a woman in a black hat and carrying a purple bag inspecting the new equipment later in the video. She is first seen walking on the left side of the street towards the anti-terrorist barrier gate at about 1:15 into the clip. Then she crosses over the street, inspects the barrier gate and then walks on the right side of the street back to the area she came from.

For your review, here are the earlier reports in order of publication:

Call ECI at 847.949.0134 for information about protecting citizens and tourists from terrorists using vehicles as weapons. Or click below for direct contact information.