Trenching and Electrical Conduit in Chicago

Trenching and Electrical Conduit in Chicago

I’ve written several times about ECI delivering ‘turnkey’ or completed installations for our clients. The latest article was “ECI Can Deliver Your Turnkey Vehicle Access Control Project” just a few months ago. In addition to the vehicle access control equipment furnished and installed by ECI, we also supplied all conduit work, electrical wiring, a concrete island, coring and penetration of the building walls, as well as concrete driveway cutting and resealing.

Two years ago I described a turnkey installation we performed for the University of Illinois at Chicago at “Turnkey Access Control Installation at UIC Parking Lot”. There our work included forming, piping, conduit and wiring, new concrete, posts and T-brackets, etc.

The image shown above is an example of the trenching and piping work we offer our clients. This past spring we did some perimeter security work for Anthony Marano Co., Inc. on South Ashland Avenue in Chicago. We installed barrier gates, vehicle detector loops, photo-electric beams, protective security bollards, etc. I will provide details in a future article.

Part of the work entailed hooking into existing junction boxes and tapping for power to the newly installed devices. The junction boxes were some 20′ from where the barrier gates were to be installed. ECI provided all of the trench work, electrical conduit, wiring, connectors, etc. We also backfilled the trench once the work was completed.

Note: Sorry, we do not supply the landscaping service to replace sodding or grass. It’s not included in the turnkey.

Turnkey installations help lower your investment costs and offers the added convenience of dealing with a single source for all your project needs.

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