UIC Parking Lot Access and Revenue Control 02

UIC Parking Lot Access and Revenue Control 02

In a previous blog article I discussed ECI putting finishing touches on a year long installation for the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) of a parking access revenue and control system (PARCS). I detailed the controls and hardware components for one combined access and egress entry and exit lane configuration for a UIC campus surface parking lot on Chicago’s near West side.

The configuration on the island above consists of two barrier gates, a guard booth, entry and exit terminals, two Automated Vehicle Identification (AVI) readers, two magnetic card readers and vehicle detector loops.

In addition, I want to make a special note of another pay on foot terminal. This separate terminal is located in its own separate shelter at the pedestrian’s entry edge of the parking lot itself. (See tip of white arrow above showing the shelter in the background.) This pay on foot terminal was included to help speed up the traffic flow at the exit lane during heavier egress times.

Patrons can validate their parking tickets using cash or credit cards prior to entering their cars and driving to the exit lane. There they just present the validated ticket to authorize exit upon stopping at the barrier gate. This minimizes the delay to cars following them out and speeds up the process by avoiding payment there.

ECI provided and installed all equipment: Parking solutions from WPS, guard booth and shelter from Porta-King and automated vehicle identification readers from Transcore.

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