Vehicle Counting and Guidance Systems for Parking Solutions


At ECI we support a number of different vehicle counting and guidance systems for car parking solutions. These advanced system technologies and their components aid in automated traffic system applications. We supply and support:

  • Completely Automated Counting Systems
  • Automated Vehicle Identification (AVI) Devices
  • Vehicle Detector Loop Technology
  • Infrared Counting Systems
  • Indoor and Outdoor Directional Guidance Signs
  • Individual LED Space Indicators
  • Camera Detectors

Effective Counting and Guidance Systems

The true effectiveness of any vehicle counting and parking guidance system depends on the accuracy of the data you input and the software used to store and analyze that data. The software enables owners and managers to analyze and better understand how the facility is being used and attain greater efficiencies in space usage and energy usage.

It all starts with the detection devices used to gather information on traffic movements in and around the parking facility. Vehicle counting and tracking devices may include cameras, AVI (automated vehicle identification) devices, or other sensors, even facial recognition detectors.

Single space sensors indicate when a vehicle is present or the space is vacant and available. Multi-colored LEDs integrate into the overhead sensors and visually show oncoming drivers whether individual spaces are free, occupied or reserved. Green indicates availability, red for occupied and blue is general reserved for handicapped parking.

The data analysis allows real time updates to the public via variable messaging signage both inside and outside of the parking facility. The benefits to the drivers and visitors include speed of finding available parking spaces, ease in locating their vehicles upon exiting as well as a better overall customer experience. Additional benefits may include environmental and easing of traffic congestion.

The software calculates and adjusts the number and location of spaces according to the data input from the sensing devices. It then sends updates to LED signage with variable real time messaging to drivers. This alerts the drivers to areas (i.e. right or left), parking levels and even specific spaces (by numbers) that are available upon arrival to the facility. Directional arrows or flowing light streams may further direct drivers to available spaces within the facility.

Smartphone apps are even available to map the location of a vehicle, handle parking fees and even guide the visitor to his or her car when leaving.

These vehicle parking guidance and counting systems can easily be integrated with parking access and revenue control systems.

As licensed electricians, ECI offers the latest in technology and turn key solutions based on site, layout and traffic. We can help with the design, manage your installation and integrate your final solution. Contact ECI at 847.949.0134 to enjoy the true benefits of a modern vehicle counting and guidance system for your car parking solution.