Vertical Pivot Gate by B&B Armr

Vertical Pivot Gate by B&B Armr

A vertical pivot gate may be an ideal solution at times where space is limited in the area where a gate installation is required. (See image above courtesy of B&B Armr.) Often sliding, swing or cantilever gates are simply not practical solutions in these applications where horizontal movement is limited.

These types of lift gates rotate in and out of the gate opening. Similar to vertical lift gates, they are entirely supported by the gate operator and therefore no addition support structures are required making them more aesthetically appealing. Note additional space next to the gate is required and it must be in an area where vertical obstructions are not an issue.
Since vertical pivot gates lift vertically to open, they’re ideal where ice and snow accumulations in the greater Chicagoland area could prevent sliding gates from operating. These gates can be custom designed in many styles from a variety of materials, with various heights and lengths available for most applications. They are ideal for gated residential communities as well as commercial settings.

Operators can be controlled with a wide range of access control devices accessories and integrated into normal access control systems. Backup battery enables operation during power outages. Vertical pivot gates do require two forms of entrapment protection – one primary and one secondary device.

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