I found this video from Alvarado Manufacturing which explains both the physical and operational features of a full height turnstile barrier gate. These turnstiles may be used inside or outside and can be equipped with lighting.

The narrator first explains the four components – the curved section, the rotating (or stile) section, the barrier section and the top channel. The latter houses all of the control components and electronics). These turnstiles mount to the ground without additional support.

Options include a card reader mounting plate that interfaces with an access control system. (A wiring channel is also included.) When this video was published the plate is seen at chest level. That accommodates proximity, magstripe, barcode, fingerprint, keypad, etc., access devices. Other designs allow for biometric (hand, eye or face) readers.

The narrator also points out other features including arm guards, activation lights as well as a key override switch. The override feature bypasses access control restrictions in one or both directions. It is used for group entry or times you may want to allow free passage in either direction.

When large crowds are present, the operation can process many people in a short time period. About one person every four seconds, or 900 per hour, can pass through using access cards. (I almost got dizzy watching the demonstration! It reminded me of dosey do dance.)

This turnstile barrier gate can operate in both directions at once or solely in a single direction. Access control can be used in either or both directions. However, you would want two turnstiles to control a maximum flow situation where many people are trying to move in both directions at once.

Turnstile and ADA Compliant Access Doorway for Abbvie, Inc.

Turnstile and ADA Compliant Access Doorway for Abbvie, Inc.

In an earlier article “Turnstile and ADA Compliant Access for Abbvie Employees” I showed the above picture. This exterior turnstile includes a fully ADA (Americans with Disability Act) compliant passageway access.

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