Nasatka Steel Plate Wedge Barrier

Nasatka Steel Plate Wedge Barrier

Wedge vehicle barriers are one of several types of barriers and components of a well designed active vehicle barrier system. They pivot up from the pavement surface to form a wedge shaped barrier to block traffic flow. (See photo above compliments of Nasatka Security.) The blocking plate is raised and lowered by a hydraulic or pneumatic system in a few seconds. Some come equipped in tandem with barrier arms as above.

Wedge barriers are often used in anti-ram, counter-terrorism applications as specified under crash rating standards. Note: See our Crash Rated Bollards page for a more lengthy explanation. These protect high security targets and restricted areas such as embassies, military bases, government facilities, nuclear plants, etc.

There are other wedge barriers intended to stop regular automobile traffic and are not crash rated. Parking lots and garages, car rental locations as well as for parking access and revenue control systems are some of those applications.

Wedges can either be installed on surface, in-ground and even in some cases are transportable for temporary usage. Other terms used to describe these barriers are pop up, raising wedge or plate or curb barrier for example. Once raised pedestrian, bike and motorcycle access is not accessible.

Guard booths, UPS (universal power supplies), output relays, vehicle detector loops and photo beams are also frequently integrated to complete the protection package.

For more information please see our page Selecting Anti Terrorist Active Vehicle Barrier Systems. For assistance in selection and installation of wedge vehicle barriers call ECI at 847.949.0134 or use the link below for contact information.