Just last month I shared this video with you in a story entitled “Crash and Grab or Ram Raid Incidents Surge In New Zealand“. If you missed the article and my comment I came upon the video above accidentally. I use it again to show the extent of loss a retail store might experience in just a few short minutes as a result of a ram raid conducted in precision by a gang of intruders.

That story focused on efforts the Hamilton police were having in quelling a series of seven ram raids across New Zealand’s North Island in the Waikato region. Unfortunately, those efforts must be carried on since just a few days later Stuff ran an article “Vehicle stolen and rammed through entrance of Hamilton commercial property“.

A stolen vehicle was driven through the front entrance of a commercial electrical supplier in Frankton on King Street. The entire entrance and adjoining window and adjacent pane was damaged.

I also stumbled on a second article from tvnz 1 News describing the same event with more detail. This article was titled “CCTV captures robbery of essential service provider in Hamilton”.

Two males broke into the location and stole the company’s ute (coupé utility) to ram through a roller door and get away. This is almost a reverse ram raid, or a grab and crash!

The company is an essential supplier (probably descignated as such during CVOVID). The loss of the vehicle (unless found) and the damage to the premises will significanly affect their ability to continue to provide those essential services.

As I have commented on this blog several times prior, the damage resulting from a crash and grab coupled with the resulting downtime often exceeds to loss of goods.

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