Parking Lot Exit Lanes at UIC

Parking Lot Exit Lanes at UIC

I have written several articles about the extensive work ECI did on the parking access revenue and control system (PARCS) for the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC). Pictured above are dual side by side exit lanes from another parking garage on campus.

Notice the square white boxes to the left and right of the “Exit Only” sign near the top of the picture. These are Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) receivers. Each is located near the midpoint of the exit lane to accommodate various types of cars and trucks. They receive signals from cars and trucks equipped with proper, authorized transponders and allow automatic egress without further action by the driver.

There are two automatic barrier gates, one for each exit lane. An exit terminal on each lane accepts validated tickets and also has an access control reader for authorized magnetic cards.

Both exit lanes have two vehicle detection loops. The first senses the presence of an auto and relays the equipment. The second relays to close the barrier arm once the vehicle clears the exit lane.

In the foreground, about one quarter the way up from bottom you may be able to pick out two metal plates, one on each lane. Previously installed vehicle traffic control spike units were removed and the plates were installed. Read more about vehicle spike control units at

WPS parking control systems provided the The Parking and Access Revenue Control equipment.

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