Slide Gate Operator - Chicago Apartment Complex

Slide Gate Operator – Chicago Apartment Complex

ECI installed this slide gate operator for an apartment complex on south Blue Island street in Chicago in 2020. Nice/HySecurity supplied the SlideSmartâ„¢ HD215 (large black chassis case on lower right) pictured above. These sliding gate operators are specifically designed to handle large gates that require heavy usage.

Slide Gate Operator Control - Chicago Apartment Complex

The enlarged picture of the chassis (to the left) is mounted on two gray posts. Thus it operates over snow that accumulates in the winter. The enclosure is steel and prevents pests and rodents from nesting inside.

The DC control board is on the right and rechargeable batteries on the lower left. The gate operator comes with a standard backup battery power supply that supplies up to 100 cycles with upgrade options that can cycle up to 600 times. Notice the large u-bolts in the four corners which mount to the posts.

A rectangular vehicle detector loop is shown cut into the concrete in the foreground of the picture at the top. This relays when it senses a vehicle approaches to exit and starts the gate opening procedure. Photoelectric Beam - Chicago Apartment Complex

The image to the right shows one end of a photoelectric beam during the early construction stages. When a vehicle clears the gate the beam circuit that was interrupted closes and relays the operator to close. We also installed protective reversing edges on the gate and (closing) post that help prevent people from being crushed when the gates open/close. They automatically relay the operator to stop and reverse.

Notice the amber strobe warning light that is mounted above the chassis to alert drivers and pedestrians when the gate is in motion.

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