At ECI we supply and install Rosslare Security access control systems which includes readers, controllers, credentials as well as access control software. While browsing through YouTube I did find this interesting video from Rosslare in India. It visually explains RFID (radio frequency identification) access control technology as it integrates into parking access and revenue control (PARCS) systems.

I have written about this technology several times before on this blog. In fact, less than a month ago I featured a short video from another supplier. However, the above video goes into more depth and provides more detail.

I must warn you that the video is long and sometimes I found it difficult to understand the narrator. But if you are looking for a better understanding of the RFID technology, there are some good highlights and I’ll supply a shortcut:

The intro is worth watching. It shows the placement of the receiver and a vehicle tag on the car’s windshield. Actual footage shows how quickly a tag is recognized and the barrier gate opens for an approaching car.

Not the shortcut, if you wish, is to move the video slider forward to each new section. Then you can read the English narrative for a good understanding.

  • As it progresses, the video details the system requirements – readers, controller, tags and software.
  • Ancillary installation equipment includes poles (other mounting devices), cabling and PC requirements.
  • The video does explain proper tag installations on windshields along with precautions and warnings.
  • Instructions on installing readers are for installers.
  • It is, however, interesting to see the process of registering the vehicle tags.

A vivid portion of the video comes at the 5:23 mark where the locations of the system components are shown and the progress and flow is detailed. This is first shown at the parking level. Then it displays the software events on a monitor.

Lastly, the video shows the system can integrate with closed circuit television (CCTV), some reports as well as Bluetooth integration.

There are variations, of course. But most systems operate in a similar fashion.

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