I literally stumbled across this humorous video which shows what can go wrong with errant barriers and some non-observant people. In light of the festive holiday season, I want to share it with you.

At the beginning of the video, we see the totally incorrect way to manually lower malfunctioning bollards so a vehicle is allowed to enter a restricted area.

Then we get two heads bumped in the people versus closing barrier gate arms contest. Next, a man in Russia literally engages in a wrestling contest with a barrier gate arm that wins!

Then a cyclist clearly avoids the wedge barrier but neglects to traverse under the barrier gate arm. Another cyclist attempts to tailgate a car and run a closing barrier gate. Guess who (or what) wins.

A woman activates a barrier gate from outside a car (?) but fails to beat the lowering gate as she follows the car on foot as it drives on. She gets clotheslined. Ditto for a man trying to walk into a parking area after a car clears the gate. He gets beaned

One of the funniest (in my opinion) is when a man attempts to vault over a barrier gate with a breakaway arm. Another very funny scene is a man in a luxury convertible being hit in the head after pulling up too far at an exit gate.

I hope all of the people are alright and wonder honestly, where do they get these videos from? And don’t the aggregators have something better to do?

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