Sliding Gate Chicago

Pictured above is one of the two sliding barrier gates at Grace Davison’s lot in Chicago. ECI was called in to replace the sliding gate operators earlier this year.

I also want to point out the new vehicle detector loop cut into the pavement and installed. It is shown in the foreground above. You can faintly see an additional loop on the opposite side of the gate. The pavement cut marks are seen just below the speed limit sign.

Vehicle detector loops relay the sliding gate operator when a vehicle enters or leaves the parking lot. When a vehicle accesses the lot, a loop determines when it has cleared the barrier so the boom arm can safely be lowered.

On free egress, the operator raises the boom arm as the vehicle stops over the loop when leaving and the arm is raised. Once the second loop senses the vehicle is free of the gate, the boom arm is lowered.

The small black devices near the bottom of the opposing fence posts are photoelectric beams. We also installed edge guards on the gate. Both serve as entrapment safety devices to stop and reverse the gate if a person or obstacle is detected.

You can see a close up of the DKS 9150 Vehicular Slide Gate Operator in the image below. This one is located at the second gate. Some of the main features and benefits include a built-in mechanical and electronic reverse system, anti-tailgating feature, a galvanized steel frame, fail-safe release and inputs for the vehicle loop detectors.

DKS 9150 Sliding Gate Operator

DKS 9150 Sliding Gate Operator

The operator accommodates gates up to 30 feet long and 1000 pounds with a 1/2 HP motor, and gates up to 45 feet long and weighing 1500 pounds with a 1 HP motor. Gates must in good condition and operate on a level surface. It meets or exceeds the requirements of the UL 325 and UL 991 safety standards and comes with a 5-year limited warranty.

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